• Kevin Boyle LCD Intern

An intern’s life

Kevin Boyle, a rising 3L at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law is our 2015 summer intern. Kevin received a Master’s Degree in Health Science from John Hopkins University and studies law to learn more how law and health intersect. He’s part way through his summer so we thought now was a good time to get an insight in to his internship.

Why LCD?

Initially I was attracted by their involvement with the disabled population, it fitted well with my public health background and interest in how an individual’s environment impacts on their overall health.

What does your day look like?

It’s a cliche but there’s really no such thing as an average day. My work is entirely driven by the needs of the client being served. I can work on anything from estate planning to researching accommodation for college-bound students with disabilities.

What’s your favorite thing so far?

Working with the clients is the most interesting thing about working at LCD. One of my favorite jobs is handling client intake on a Wednesday. That’s when it really becomes apparent that every client has a personal story and a unique background and that those are the details that shape our interaction with that client. Different disabilities require different approaches and seeing how each attorney approaches these challenges has been very valuable to me.

What’s surprised you?

I’ve been surprised by the level of interaction required between the medical and legal communities to address some of our client’s problems. The relationship doesn’t end on referral from healthcare to legal, it’s much more interactive and ongoing than I expected.

Final thought?

I believe that the breadth of tasks I’ve been assigned to while at LCD will provide a solid foundation for a number of different practice areas in my future legal career.

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