2016 Annual Report

A dedicated staff, strong community partnerships, and a nearly 30 year commitment to advocacy continue to make a difference in the lives of Philadelphians with disabilities. Each year, LCD serves thousands across Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. It is our mission and what we devote ourselves to daily.

The clients we serve experience physical limitations; many have suffered catastrophic injuries and illnesses such as stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and epilepsy among others.

We are proud of the work that we do and that, each year, we continue to help move the conversation and service models forward.

This year’s annual report brings into focus our Medical-Legal Partnerships across the city. We take a dive into the issues, cases and clients our attorneys advocate for every day. Through their tireless efforts, LCD strives towards Inclusion, Independence, and Justice for all people living with disabilities.

You can view our 2016 Annual Report here.

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