PEPP Impact Summary

PEPP is a collaboration of: Community Legal Services, Clarifi, Legal Clinic for the Disabled, SeniorLAW Center, TURN, and Philadelphia VIP.

Help stop the 75% cut to the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Program (PEPP) in the Mayor’s budgetIf renters cannot access legal representation, the city will experience mass evictions, the threat of mass reinfection as people cannot find shelter, a second wave of this virus, and the need to shut down our economy again here in Philadelphia.

This year, a consortium of six legal services providers and non-profits receives $2.1 million for this critical eviction prevention work, but the Mayor’s budget proposes only $500,000 – gutting representation of and support for tenants facing eviction in the midst of a pandemic.

PEPP was created by City Council in 2017, recognizing that not only does poverty cause evictions, but evictions also cause prolonged poverty.  Now, more than ever, PEPP is essential to represent tenants, provide critical information, and advocate with the courts to stabilize Philadelphia’s renters.

Click for the full report: PEPP Impact 2020

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