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Allison’s story

Debt Collection Defense – Reducing Debt and Stress

When Allison called the intake line at LCD she was confused and fearful. She was being sued for more than $10,000 in alleged credit card debt.

Allison suffers from Meniere’s disease (a disorder than affects hearing and balance), major depression and psychotic features. She wasn’t sure about the nature of the debt, admitting that her hearing and mental health had left her unable to hold down a job and left her with little memory of how she’d managed to get by.

Our intervention

The LCD attorney talked with Allison about the details and explained that many times creditors purchase and sue on old debt that they don’t have the legal right to collect on. He discovered that the creditor did not have the evidence required and fought back through a court appearance and letter detailing the case’s many deficiencies. The creditor withdrew both suits against Allison, saving her more than $10,000.

Throughout the case, Allison’s stress was reduced by degrees as the attorney educated her on the law and she felt empowered to participate in her own representation. The fear that had been lurking about what she would do if she lost the case was put to rest and she was able to focus on getting other parts of her life in order.

She is now on a small fixed income through Social Security with a mental health non-profit as her financial caretaker.

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