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An intern’s life: Amanda Solch

A Master of Social Work candidate at The University of Pennsylvania, Amanda Solch joined the LCD team in September 2015 as a social work intern. She first voiced her interest in working with LCD due to our work in both clinical and macro, or large scale, social work.

“I have had the pleasure of assisting the attorneys with the various cases by conducting home-visits, writing letters to clients, conducting intake interviews and calling when follow-up was needed,” Amanda says. “But most importantly, my role was identifying any social issues that may be accompanying the client’s outstanding legal issues and helping to get them resolved. In many cases this meant helping clients apply for public benefits, working with the County Assistance Offices to get their benefits to the appropriate amount, and helping give resources to agencies around the city regarding housing and food insecurity.”

Amanda was also able to sit in on weekly staff meetings, which allow each staff member to learn about each other’s cases, work through organizational needs, and help and support each other in their work. Amanda points to her interaction with LCD’s staff as her most memorable experience.

“It’s been really special to work with each lawyer on their different cases, and to see the intersections between law and social work,” she says. “I also appreciated their welcoming of my experience in a field different than their own and the different perspectives I might have had on the various clients and issues at hand.”

Amanda worked at St. Christopher’s Hospital MLP and Magee Rehabilitation Hospital MLP during her time with LCD. After wrapping up her internship this April, Amanda will be conducting her field placement at CARIE (Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly). She will be pursuing two different certificates for her degree and is interested in working with disability rights or health-related policy.

As for her internship and experience with LCD, Amanda concludes, “I believe that gaining a basic understanding of law provided me with a holistic approach for addressing societal concerns in a multi-faceted way. This internship provided me with the mechanism and tools to make a real impact in my career some day and strengthen the perspective that my degree in social work will provide.”

Thank you for your time and service Amanda!

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