• Sherry Thomas

A Big Move for a Staff Attorney

After nearly six years of working for LCD, staff attorney Sherry Thomas is making a big move in her career. In late January, Sherry will be moving to South Asia to work with International Justice Mission (IJM) for a year.

IJM is a faith-based organization that utilizes lawyers, law enforcement and social workers to work across developing nations to combat labor and sex trafficking. Sherry first learned of IJM when she was in law school, after becoming interested in the subject of trafficking.

“My faith is incredibly important to me and so is battling injustice. We all have social responsibilities to other people—to make sure that they aren’t oppressed,” explains Sherry. “Most of the time, overseas missions are healthcare related. It was hard to find an organization that connected faith and practicing law.”

While Sherry is looking forward to her next adventure, she acknowledges what she’ll miss about her work at LCD. “I’ll miss the people—my colleagues, the most. The work we do can be draining. But, I always had my coworkers support to fall back on.”

Sherry’s new coworkers will be other volunteers and local staff, including lawyers. Sherry will work to support local lawyers who work with trafficked individuals, as well as prosecutors in the criminal justice system so perpetrators are held accountable.

In her interview, IJM liked that Sherry worked in a small non-profit. They pointed to the fact that, with a small staff, workers have to be flexible when things do not go as planned and to wear many hats. All things Sherry dealt with at LCD.

Sherry also points to her experience working in LCD’s medical-legal partnerships. “In the MLPs, we are where the clients are. This will help me immensely since I will be immersed in the community.”

Sherry continues, “LCD has been such a blessing in my career with developing my skills as a lawyer and with learning direct client interaction. Linda and Esther were my mentors. I learned how to be a lawyer at LCD.”

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