Justice for Jessica

January 16th, 2018|

Jessica is a mother.

She was referred to LCD through the St. Christopher’s MLP after she told her son’s doctor during an asthma visit that she was having problems with her landlord. Jessica’s primary concern was the horrible rat infestation inside her family’s home. Jessica noted other habitability concerns, including leaks in her bathroom and basement […]

A long custody battle comes to an end

December 28th, 2017|

MLP Site: Abbottsford Falls
Disability: Back injury, mental health

Joanna is a patient at Abbottsford Falls who first asked to see an LCD attorney over two years ago.  At the time, she had sued her baby’s father for child support and for full physical and legal custody over their one year-old daughter.  After completing the intake, Staff Attorney […]

Negotiation Leads to Favorable Outcome

November 13th, 2017|

For Chandra, keeping her daughter’s monthly visits to her father is important. But, Chandra’s degenerative eye condition was making it increasingly difficult to make these visits and to keep in compliance with her current custody order.

Chandra, whose daughter is a patient at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, was referred to the PhilaKIDS Medical-Legal Partnership by […]

LCD Attorneys & Volunteer Help Client be Free from Financial Exploitation

September 12th, 2017|

Sally is a 57-year old woman with severe mobility issues due to multiple back surgeries, as well as a long history of anxiety and depression.  She lives on a monthly fixed income and receives SSDI.  Sally lives alone with her two cats and has no family support.

Bill met Sally years ago and helped her during […]

Hardwork and Negotiation Leads to Favorable Outcome 

August 1st, 2017|

For clients, the Legal Clinic for the Disabled’s (LCD) support can mean the difference between having a home and becoming homeless. Staff attorney Evan Barker recently provided invaluable aid to his client, Pam, who was facing eviction as well as habitability issues in her home.

Pam’s apartment was funded partially by a Housing Voucher through Housing […]

Dedicated Support for Our Cause

May 24th, 2017|

For 30 years, the Legal Clinic for the Disabled has acted as the only nonprofit in the Philadelphia area focused solely on serving low-income people with physical disabilities, and the deaf and hard of hearing, through free legal counsel.

Much of LCD’s growth and success is due to the tireless efforts of past Executive Directors, Board […]

Free from Foreclosure

May 16th, 2017|

Facing foreclosure notices on a home in disrepair and suffering from chronic health problems, Anna called LCD’s general intake line looking for help.

As a senior living on a fixed income, Anna entered into a reverse mortgage to pay off outstanding home equity loans. Unfortunately her debilitating back pain left her almost bedridden and as a […]

Stepping Out without Fear

April 17th, 2017|

Miranda needed help. A mother of a child with a disability, she was now the victim of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her child’s father. Her abuser lived somewhere in her neighborhood. Miranda could not leave her house without fear of running into him. She was afraid that he would attack her, […]

Theresa Brabson: More Than Just An Attorney

March 8th, 2017|

A cancer diagnosis is life altering. For Jack, his diagnosis of stage IV cancer in his kidneys, colon and adrenal gland did not just mean he would have to go through treatment. It meant that he had to stop working and would lose his source of income. Now, at 56 years old and grappling with […]

From tragedy to hope

March 2nd, 2017|

At 25 years old, Caitlin had been through more than most people go through in their lifetime. She had been in a catastrophic car accident which claimed the lives of her fiancé and two of her four children. Following the accident, Caitlin suffered a traumatic brain injury, partial paralysis of her right arm, burns and […]