• Jack

Critical Care for Jack

A cancer diagnosis is life altering. For Jack, his diagnosis of stage IV cancer in his kidneys, colon and adrenal gland did not just mean he would have to go through treatment. It meant that he had to stop working and would lose his source of income. Now, at 56 years old and grappling with a cancer diagnosis, Jack was unable to afford his rent and faced eviction.

Jack’s situation became even direr when his oncology team expressed hesitation about moving forward with his treatment because of his unstable housing situation. Feeling helpless, Jack knew he needed help and reached out to LCD for assistance with his upcoming eviction hearing.

Staff Attorney and Duffy Fellow Theresa Brabson took on Jack’s case. Jack had no money to settle his debt, to pay for moving expenses or a needed security deposit. He was initially denied Social Security Disability and he was waiting for a decision on his appeal. However, Theresa began calling multiple cancer organizations—both local and national—in search of potential grants or financial assistance programs to help Jack.

After hours on the phone and quite a few dead ends, Theresa pieced together multiple grants for Jack. In order to secure some of the grants, Theresa, with Jack’s permission, had to work closely with his oncology social worker to secure the necessary medical documentation.

In addition to stepping in to raise funds for Jack, Theresa represented him at his eviction hearing. Thanks to the grant money, Jack was allowed stay in his home long enough to recuperate from his surgery. Theresa stayed in constant communication with Jack’s social workers and care team to ensure that he received the support that he needed during and after the ordeal of his eviction hearing. Now, with his housing situation more secure, Jack can fight his cancer.

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