Direct Service, Maximum Impact

Founded in 1987, LCD opened its doors at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in 1990. LCD’s partnership with Magee formed one of the first MLPs in the country. At Magee, LCD attorneys work closely with physicians, residents, nurses, and case managers to ensure effective solutions to legal issues that impede positive healthcare outcomes and that may prevent maximum recovery.

LCD’s partnership with Magee has fostered the growth of LCD’s MLP Initiative across the city of Philadelphia. Magee generously supports LCD by providing administrative office space, which helps LCD sustain its work both within Magee and in the various outside communities we serve. This spirit of collaboration speaks to Magee’s mission to lift people with disabilities up and help them find the way back to a healthy independent life.

Jeanne Doherty, MD, Magee’s Assistant Medical Director and the MLP Medical Champion, has witnessed first-hand the many socioeconomic challenges faced by patients with disabilities, and the impact this has on their physical, mental, and emotional health.

“I was introduced to the tremendous work of LCD as a resident in training at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital many years ago,” said Dr. Doherty. “The ability to consult a member of the LCD staff to directly refer patients and then observe the legal services they provided as an integral part of the clinical team left a lasting impression. Over the years as an attending physician I have witnessed the legal team of LCD address some of the most complex and challenging issues.

The tremendous positive impact these legal services have had on patients― many of whom have suffered catastrophic injuries―contributes greatly to their ability to live safely and as independently as possible in the community.

It has been an incredible resource to our clinical staff in providing the legal expertise and advocacy to assist our patients in overcoming legal obstacles that would otherwise affect their independence, health, and quality of life.”

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