Effective Options for Change

LCD’s MLP at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center (SKWC), a collaboration between LCD and Project HOME, launched in 2015 when Project HOME opened SKWC— a 28,000 square foot healthcare facility located in North Philadelphia. In partnering with Project HOME, the MLP addresses the health-harming legal needs of SKWC’s patients, including landlord-tenant issues, housing and income insecurity, and public benefits. The MLP at SKWC is part of an integrated health care delivery model that partners behavioral health, primary care, dentistry, legal services, and numerous community services agencies.

Since its inception, Dr. Mudit Gilotra, MD, Director of Integrated Health Services at Project HOME, has served as LCD’s Medical Champion at SKWC. Dr. Gilotra worked alongside LCD staff to develop schedules and workflows, institute a standardized screening protocol, and review referral metrics. His main goal was to develop new projects, support and expand clinical delivery, and create integrated teams and workflows at Project HOME. For Dr. Gilotra, the MLP model helped him reach his goals and streamline his work.

According to Dr. Gilotra, the MLP has allowed SKWC to care for their patients more holistically. “Before the MLP, I would see patients with legal issues and I would just put up my hands because I had nothing to offer them,” said Dr. Gilotra. “Now we have concrete options that are actually effective. It’s an incredible amount of relief as a provider who wants the best for our patients. They have also helped to educate me and given me a working knowledge of these issues allowing me to speak to patients in an informed manner.

LCD provides support for people that already have too much going on in their lives. They help relieve my patients’ stress. Their involvement with SKWC has been life-changing and has prevented multiple terrible outcomes around people’s housing situations.”

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