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Fair Housing for Sarah

Sarah had just moved into her new home in the summer. When she moved into her apartment, it was in disrepair. As fall blew in, Sarah noticed that the heat was not working. Her landlord refused to fix the heat, and looked to put a small bandage on the situation by bringing in space heaters. Then, Sarah’s landlord decided to sell the house and gave her a 30-day eviction notice. Sarah took action and called Licenses & Inspections who found several housing violations.

On Staff Attorney Ben Feldman’s advice and with his assistance, Sarah filed a petition at the Fair Housing Commission (FHC) and stopped paying rent. Once the case reached FHC, the Commission agreed that Sarah was not obligated to pay rent since her landlord never gave her a certificate of rental suitability. Additionally, FHC ruled that the eviction was void.

Since Ben was able to advise Sarah, she is not obligated to leave or pay rent until her landlord fixes the housing violations and provides her with a certificate of rental suitability. Now, Sarah is free to look for new housing without worrying about being evicted or losing money on an unsuitable apartment.

February 5th, 2017|Success Stories|0 Comments