Helping Meet Basic Needs

Work by LCD staff attorneys goes beyond court filings and client representation. Our staff regularly train doctors, nurses, residents, social workers and other health care staff to identify social determinants to health that are legal in nature and impact positive healthcare outcomes. Additionally, they work with our health partners to develop best practices and insights that affect our clients.

Recently, Staff Attorney and Duffy Fellow Theresa Brabson, who oversees LCD medical-legal partnership (MLP) at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children presented at the National Medical Legal Partnership Summit. The St. Christopher’s healthcare team of Dr. Hans Kersten, Adina Freedman and Kelly Courts co-presented with Theresa. Additionally, LCD staff attorneys Brendan Corbalis and Evan Barker attended. The team presented “From Food to Benefits: How MLPs Can Increase Resources to Meet Basic Needs.”

The presentation covered how health, legal, and community organizations can work together to reduce food insecurity.They shared their work addressing food insecurity within one of the nation’s most food insecure districts and offered strategies for how to improve patient outcomes by establishing better screening, coordinated protocols, and data collection.

LCD started the MLP at St. Christopher’s in 2011 at the Center for Child and Adolescent Health which relocated to St. Chris’ new Center for the Urban Child in 2014. In 2013, LCD expanded our services to the Special Needs Clinic, which provides medical service to children with severe disabilities. Since 2014, we have participated in monthly asthma team meetings and are working with the medical team to determine if mold or other housing problems may need to be addressed with the landlord.

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