Hope for Grace

Grace, a mother of three children with asthma, was living in horrific housing conditions. A visit to her home revealed a significant roach infestation, trash in the hallway, as well as urine, feces and crack smoke in the hallway. The living conditions were having such a serious impact on the children’s health that one child took three different medications to control her asthma and had recently been treated in the hospital emergency room with liquid steroids. In addition, Grace had left an abusive relationship and now her abuser found her. He was coming to her door and continuing his harassment. Grace, desperate to protect her children and herself, requested a transfer from the building based on these conditions. It was denied.

Grace’s healthcare provider knew what was happening. They referred her to LCD. LCD obtained a letter of medical support from the treating physician stating that the living conditions were having a direct and serious impact on the children’s health.  Additionally, Grace obtained a three year protection from abuse order. Armed with the protective order and physician’s letter, LCD obtained an immediate emergency transfer based on the safety and health of the family.

The family has been relocated to a community building that is free of asthma triggers, has access to additional social and educational services, and is in a neighborhood far from Grace’s abuser. Grace and her children now have hope for a healthier and safer future.

May 1st, 2016|Success Stories|0 Comments