Independence for Jason

Jason is a young man. He has mild cerebral palsy and a developmental delay. Due to his multiple disabilities, Jason is seen at St. Christopher’s Center for Children with Special Health Care needs and the Department of Developmental Pediatrics. He is active and attends school full-time as well as enjoying assisting the school’s basketball team.

Shortly before his eighteenth birthday, Jason was referred to the St. Christopher’s Medical Legal Partnership where he met staff attorney Theresa Brabson. His grandmother, who has been his guardian since he was a toddler, and his doctors wanted to make sure Jason was taken care of once he became an adult.

Jason’s grandmother and doctors felt that he had the ability to make his own financial and healthcare decisions; however, Jason was accustomed to his grandmother’s guidance. Everyone expressed interest in wanted to continue sharing in the decision-making process.

Theresa worked privately with Jason to hear his needs and wishes. They agreed that a guardianship was too restrictive given capacity level. She helped Jason execute a Power of Attorney that named his grandmother as his primary agent so that she could continue to contribute to his medical decisions.



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