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Independence for Tanya

After a stroke several years ago, and many smaller strokes since, Tanya was left feeling unsteady on her feet as well as fearful of when her next stroke would come. She lived with her brother and his girlfriend who moved in with Tanya after serving time in prison. They were abusive and destructive toward Tanya. They stole her medication, threatened her with violence and would enter her bedroom late at night to steal her money for drugs. On one occasion Tanya sustained injuries to her face when her brother punched and pushed her. Due to her disability, Tanya easily lost balance and was not confident in her ability to get away from her brother if he became more violent.

Tanya arrived at LCD anxious and worried that the ongoing stress of living and interacting with her brother and his girlfriend would cause another stroke. LCD represented Tanya and successfully obtained a Final Protection Order for a period of two years.  Tanya’s brother and his girlfriend, with a police escort, left Tanya’s apartment. LCD helped Tanya regain her independence. Now without the fear of violence, she is relieved that to have her home and life back.

May 25th, 2016|Success Stories|0 Comments