Justice for Jessica

Jessica is a mother.

She was referred to LCD through the St. Christopher’s MLP after she told her son’s doctor during an asthma visit that she was having problems with her landlord. Jessica’s primary concern was the horrible rat infestation inside her family’s home. Jessica noted other habitability concerns, including leaks in her bathroom and basement that were causing mold. Each of the issues triggered her son’s asthma. Despite Jessica’s repeated requests to her landlord to address the issues, nothing changed. Jessica continued to pay rent because she was afraid that her landlord would evict them. They had nowhere else to go.

LCD confirmed with the Department of Licenses and Inspections that Jessica’s landlord did not have a valid renter’s license and therefore could not legally collect rent. LCD first advised Jessica to withhold her rent, and then sent a demand letter to the landlord that detailed the problems and demanded that they be addressed immediately. It took over four months before all of the issues were ultimately resolved in Jessica’s favor.

Thanks to LCD’s intervention, Jessica and her family no longer live with habitability issues. Furthermore, Jessica saved nearly $2000 in rent payments that her landlord was trying to wrongfully collect. She and her children are now living happily and safely in a healthier home.

January 16th, 2018|Success Stories|0 Comments