Keeping the Lights On

Electricity. Light. Two things that many people in modern times in America take for granted. But for someone whose health depends on electricity, the lights not turning on can mean the difference between progress and a major health setback. Staff attorney Niki Ludt recently worked with a client who faced these challenges.

One of Niki’s clients is the mother of a nine-year-old son who depends on a feeding machine. The feeding machine is necessary to provide him with nutrients to help reverse his stunted growth—a result of the chemotherapy and radiation he received as a small child. Electricity is necessary for her son’s health, so when the electricity was shut off, Niki’s client feared for his health and future.

Niki initially advocated to Pennsylvania’s LIHEAP program, which allowed the lights to stay on into early fall. PECO subsequently shut off the service, and Niki acted quickly by contacting the manager of PECO’s Universal Services. PECO immediately arranged for service to be restored.

Thanks to Niki, her client is now eligible to be enrolled in a new payment plan, allowing her to pay a third of the debt over 60 months, with the remaining amount forgiven.

December 6th, 2016|Success Stories|0 Comments