• More than just an attorney

More than just an attorney

In October staff attorney Tomas Bednar met with a 62 year old woman who had been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer that had metastasized to her brain.

An in patient at Hahnemann Hospital, she was visibly distraught over the uncertainty of her illness’s progression as well as her future quality of life. Alone in Philadelphia and with her closest relatives in Virginia she was overwhelmed with where to start planning for her future.

Tomas sat with the patient for several hours over the course of two days while her sister drove up from Virginia. During these sessions they spent much time talking about her experiences as a solitary traveller who had seen much of the world but who did not really have many friends or family in Philadelphia.

Tomas helped her prepare planning documents that would allow her sister to take care of her financial and healthcare matters and also applied for social security disability benefits to provide a steady source of income.

When her sister arrived on the second day Tomas spent two hours with them both during which time the patient was told that she was to be discharged to another facility. She thanked Tomas and expressed just how much it meant to her that someone was willing to sit and listen.

After her discharge Tomas continued to coordinate services for the client as she struggled to complete required phone interviews with Social Security by herself.

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