We are Hiring: Paralegal

For over thirty years, LCD has provided free direct legal services to individuals living with a disability or chronic illness.  Headquartered in center city the staff attorneys work directly with medical partners at multiple sites across the city. Focused on addressing health-harming legal needs, our practice areas include family, housing, planning documents, public benefits, and […]

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S.N.A.P. & the Government Shutdown

Below is information for all those who depend on S.N.A.P. Benefits.



These are your February benefits coming early – they are not a bonus.
You WILL […]

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Leading by Innovating

In 2009, LCD collaborated with the Family Practice Counseling Network (FPCN) to open MLP-Philadelphia, the first MLP in the country located in a nurse managed health center.

In Philadelphia, FPCN has three federally qualified nurse-managed health centers: Abbottsford Falls in Germantown, 11th Street Health Center in North Philadelphia, and the Health Annex in southwest Philadelphia. MLP-Philadelphia […]

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Effective Options for Change

LCD’s MLP at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center (SKWC), a collaboration between LCD and Project HOME, launched in 2015 when Project HOME opened SKWC— a 28,000 square foot healthcare facility located in North Philadelphia. In partnering with Project HOME, the MLP addresses the health-harming legal needs of SKWC’s patients, including landlord-tenant issues, housing and income […]

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Direct Service, Maximum Impact

Founded in 1987, LCD opened its doors at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in 1990. LCD’s partnership with Magee formed one of the first MLPs in the country. At Magee, LCD attorneys work closely with physicians, residents, nurses, and case managers to ensure effective solutions to legal issues that impede positive healthcare outcomes and that may prevent […]

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Partnering for Change: 2017 Annual Report

In 2017, the Legal Clinic for the Disabled marked its 30th Anniversary―an occasion celebrated with a sense of accomplishment and pride. We have come a long way since our humble origin when one attorney served one client at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. Over the past 30 years, with the support of Magee, LCD has grown and […]

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Coordination is key

During the summer of 2018, the attorneys at LCD were fortunate to have assistance through Jesse Grainger, a Social Work intern from the University of Pennsylvania. While Jesse was invaluable over the course of his internship, one case best illustrates the need for this type of assistance and collaboration.

Nicole came to LCD through its Landlord/Tenant […]

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A Holiday Thank You from our Board President

Dear Friends of LCD,

As 2018 comes to an end, we reflect upon the year and give thanks for everything we have received and everyone who has touched our lives. I am thankful to serve as Board Chair for the Legal Clinic for the Disabled. I am humbled by the remarkable staff, clients, partners, friends, and […]

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LCD Honors Disability Advocates & Supporters

The Legal Clinic for the Disabled (LCD)—the only nonprofit exclusively dedicated to serving people with disabilities, and the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the Philadelphia region—announced the recipients of its annual awards. This year, attorney Tom Duffy, Esq., Founder of Duffy + Partners, was honored with the Special Recognition Award.  Additionally, Katie Samson, Spokesperson for the Katie […]

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Using Technology to Improve Services

For the second time, LCD partnered with Azavea—a B corporation that uses geospatial technologies to answer complex questions—to better inform the conversation regarding the correlation between health, social and legal needs, and geography in the Philadelphia region.

For the project, LCD sought to create visualizations of the correlations between health status, income status, legal and social […]

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