PHFA Opens Applications for New Rental and Mortgage Assistance

The Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency (PHFA) has opened the application process for the recently established Rent Relief and Mortgage Assistance Programs, funded through federal Coronavirus Relief Fund monies provided to the Commonwealth. The programs were included in The Fiscal Code bill enacted on May 29, 2020 (Act 10 of 2020). 

The agency, which was designated to administer the programs, has identified housing organizations in each county to process the large number of rental assistance applications anticipated. Starting July 6, applicants can submit their completed applications and supporting paperwork to these county organizations for review, following instructions in the application.

Those seeking mortgage assistance will submit their application and supporting paperwork to PHFA directly for review, following instructions in the application. The agency will begin accepting completed applications for mortgage assistance online at: also beginning on July 6

According to federal stipulation, funding for both programs must be completely distributed by November 30, 2020.

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