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Stability for Frank

Frank is a single father who needs stability as he suffers from anxiety and has four children – two of whom still live at home with him.  Frank, a server at a local restaurant who works six days a week, fell behind on his rent.  His apartment, throughout the winter months, did not get warm despite the heat being on.  As a result, his PGW bill was sky-high. In order to pay for his gas and to keep his family warm, Frank had to forgo paying his rent.  When staff attorney Sherry Thomas met him, he had lived in the apartment for almost nine years. He was settled there and he loved his neighborhood. The restaurant where Frank works is only three doors down from his home. Due to his anxiety, as well as his desire to keep things consistent and stable for his children, Frank’s ultimate goal was to stay in his apartment, where he felt settled and stable.

Sherry negotiated with the landlord’s attorney and worked out an agreement which allowed Frank to stay in his home and pay back the rent balance at a reasonable pace.  After his balance is paid, his judgment will be vacated, preventing a black mark on his record that could prevent him from renting elsewhere in the future.  As a result, Frank and his children were allowed to stay in their home.

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