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Standing By to Help with Healthcare

Larry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. When his disease progressed to a point that made daily tasks without assistance difficult, he moved to Inglis House.

Larry recently suffered from other health ailments, and as a result frequently experiences changes in his cognitive impairment. One of his conditions needed surgery for several months. However, each time he was brought in for surgery, the doctors decided he lacked capacity to consent.

Not wishing to gamble on his outcome any further, Larry’s social worker at Inglis House spoke to him about a healthcare power of attorney (POA) and upon receiving his consent, contacted LCD Staff Attorney Ben Feldman.

Ben made an emergency visit to Larry at Inglis House. However, Larry was mostly unresponsive on that day and could not give proper consent to proceed with a power of attorney. Ben consulted with his social worker and agreed to be on “standby” so that he could meet with Larry on one of his good days.

A few days later Ben got the call that Larry was awake and oriented and ready to discuss the healthcare POA. Ben headed out to Inglis House to meet with Larry, discuss the document, make a competency determination, and then was able to draft the document and execute with Larry on the spot.  As a result, Larry’s brother is able to make healthcare decisions for him, including consenting to surgery or other medical procedures.

About a week later, Ben was contacted by the head of social work at Inglis House to inform him that Larry was successfully operated on earlier that day.

Due to LCD’s services and ability to make home visits, Larry was able to receive the medical care he needed and is now recovering from his ailment.

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