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Thank you Broad Street Runners

It was a rainy and chilly day as 10,000 runners took off down Broad Street for the 2016 Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Forty-nine of those runners generously trained, fundraised and ran in support of LCD and its clients. We can’t thank the runners enough as well as those who donated to help them reach and exceed their fundraising goals!

We would like to thank the following runners and scroll down for photos:

Rocki Alt, Tomas Bednar, Joanna Bowen, Kevin Boyle, Theresa Brabson, Clare Brabson, Arthur Bugay, Matt Carter, Krisda Chaiyachati, Jairus Cobb, Kyle Dumont, Stacey Engster, Ben Feldman, Elliot Feldman, Ben Fetterman, Jen Fetterma, Jillian Flax, Lauren Flowers, Tony Foltz, Peter Fontaine, Mudit Gilotra, Nancy Glass, Sean Gordon, Andrea Gunning, Francesca Gunning, Bridget Hansel, Bray Hansel, Daniel Harrington, Amir Jazayen, Lee Johnson, Charles Klarr, John Kotula, Kristen Linn, Christine Marschilok, Brianna Morgan, Kristina Murphy, Linda Peyton, Chris Popper, Kevin Roe, Chris Roe, Stephen Roe, Peter Rossi, Katie Stroup, Dan Taylor, Matt Thomas, Susan Toth, Gavin Villacorta, Ron Williams, Mike Zyborowicz

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