Thinking of Nicholas

Growing up in Argentina, Yolanda took for granted that she would always find herself surrounded by her large and close-knit family. She never imagined that she would one day live a continent away.  Yet when Yolanda gave birth to her son, Nicholas, she did so alone – over five thousand miles separated her from home.

As a single mother living in Philadelphia, Yolanda dealt with the same challenges and worries facing all new parents. However, Yolanda also shouldered another burden: the constant nagging worry about who would look after Nicholas should something happen to her. Yolanda’s anxiety further increased when she learned that Nicholas was autistic. Unsure of the law and how best to safeguard her son’s future, Yolanda began her quest for a solution. That search led her to LCD.

Yolanda met with LCD staff attorney, Brendan Corbalis. As the two discussed Nicholas’ future, Yolanda told Brendan how amazed and grateful she felt that a place like LCD existed.

Over the next few weeks, Brendan and Yolanda had several meetings in which Brendan advised Yolanda about the possibility of naming a standby guardian for Nicholas. In the end, Yolanda asked a close and trusted friend to step into that role. Brendan met with Yolanda and her friend, spending several hours making certain that both understood every aspect of a standby guardianship. He then filed a petition directly with a domestic relations administrative law judge. After careful review, the court granted the petition and Yolanda rested easier knowing that Nicholas would never lack the care and love he so deserved.

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