• Azavea

Using Technology to Improve Services

For the second time, LCD partnered with Azavea—a B corporation that uses geospatial technologies to answer complex questions—to better inform the conversation regarding the correlation between health, social and legal needs, and geography in the Philadelphia region.

For the project, LCD sought to create visualizations of the correlations between health status, income status, legal and social needs, and geography of low-income individuals in the Philadelphia region. Azavea assisted LCD in combining the substantial quantity of qualitative data from LCD’s five Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP) with publically available quantitative data on income, employment, household status and other demographic measures.

The resulting presentation (delivered by Dale Watt, pictured) “Triple Burden: Connections Between Food Insecurity, Utility Insecurity, and Legal Need” offered a unique perspective on the role that socio-economic factors have on the well-being of low income individuals. By combining the qualitative and quantitative data sets, LCD is now able to examine the potential domino effect that issues can create for individuals and will tailor efforts and outreach to address compounding issues.

LCD’s work draws on elements of public health, legal advocacy, public policy as well as geographic information systems. Now with Azavea’s analysis and technology, LCD is even better equipped to move forward in innovating legal service.

October 21st, 2018|News|0 Comments