A safe home for veteran Anthony

Anthony is a veteran. He suffered multiple strokes and now at age 60 accepted he needed in-home assistance. He agreed to have his niece, Annette, move into his home to provide this needed assistance. It soon became clear that Annette was not dependable and instead, Anthony’s daughter, Sherry, had to step in to prepare meals, purchase groceries and do her father’s laundry.

Anthony wanted Annette to move out, but she refused. However, what caused more concern was Anthony’s safety. Annette started letting unsavory people in the house and often time these friends would stay for days at a time. Under the law, Anthony could not simply change the locks.

Drinker volunteer, Lucas Michelen agreed to represent Anthony and filed an ejectment action against the niece. Once the complaint was filed the niece was willing to negotiate her move-out date. Lucas made sure that Annette had moved by the agreed date before withdrawing the complaint. Today, Anthony remains in his home and attends an adult day program during the week. His daughter continues to provide these additional in-home supports.

February 8th, 2016|News, Success Stories|0 Comments