Leading by Innovating

In 2009, LCD collaborated with the Family Practice Counseling Network (FPCN) to open MLP-Philadelphia, the first MLP in the country located in a nurse managed health center.

In Philadelphia, FPCN has three federally qualified nurse-managed health centers: Abbottsford Falls in Germantown, 11th Street Health Center in North Philadelphia, and the Health Annex in southwest Philadelphia. MLP-Philadelphia has expanded to include all of FPCN’s sites.
Now, LCD has attorneys on-site at all FPCN MLP sites to collaborate with medical personnel and staff to identify social determinants to health that are legal in nature and impede healthcare outcomes. Our on-site presence allows us to identify and resolve health-harming legal problems as early as possible to prevent the increased stress and turmoil affecting our clients.

Emily Nichols, Director of Operations at FPCN, works closely with LCD on the ground. “Our patients are underserved and need so much support. The services LCD provides are so important to our patients,” said Nichols. “At FPCN, we know our patients go through so much that affect their physical and behavioral health. The issues become a priority and LCD is there to help take care of them. The attorneys at LCD are such good advocates for our patients, who most times do not have anyone in their corner.”

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